The NEON DRIVE is a versatile stereo analogue overdrive unit with dynamic drive engine and store/recall capability.


  • 2 audio channels for stereo processing
  • sidechain for dynamic drive control
  • harmonics mixer
  • extensive contour settings
  • store & recall
  • midi control and snapshot




Some audio samples…

Drum loop 1 – Slowly turning up the drive to medium setting, then switching through various contour modes.

Drum loop 2 – Fixed drive setting, turning the harmonics control from left to right and back.

Drum loop 3 – Turning up the drive, then (at 12sec) engaging the sidechain (set to LPF with fast A/R) with the mod control set negative. Notice the overdrive action on the bassdrum diminishes (ducks) but not on the snaredrum and toms.

Rhodes 1 – Rhodes piano first with static drive, then with dynamic drive (fast A, medium R, negative modulation). The overdrive is more spread out over the decaying chords and ducks on the peaks.

Rhodes 2 – Turning the harmonics control from left to right and back.

Rhodes 3 – Opening up the drive with four different contour settings, the harmonics control is centered.

Drums subtle – Gentle overdrive, C1 mode – this emulates TAPE saturation, adding LF drive + subtle HF

Backbeat crunch – Crunching the backbeat (and cymbals) in L2 mode, ducking on the bassdrum keeps it somewhat cleaner

Burning Bassdrum – Burning the bassdrum with heavy expansion in L3 mode, harmonics full odd setting.

More samples coming soon…!


For technical details and info on all the features, check out the manual.